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About Us


In 2002, a group of engineers with expertise in electrical and automation control system technology as well as industrial energy-saving system has established a company under the name of “ IACG Co., Ltd.”

In 2002, a group of engineers with expertise in electrical and automation control system technology as well as industrial energy-saving system has established a company under the name of “ IACG Co., Ltd.” to provide the service of electrical and control system designed for various industries including oil, energy, and others. The key customers of the Company are included with Chevron and PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited, both of which have continuously supported the Company.
IACG Co., Ltd. is unique in terms of its integrated service quality as well as innovative solutions relating to electrical and automation control system to offer customers with optimal benefits. Proper selection of technology that cover customer’s budget and requirements is the key factor in creating corporate success . From the past until now, allowing continuous growth for the Company.
By combining its expertise with extensive years experience in electrical and automation control system in various industries, IACG Co., Ltd. is outstanding in terms of its solutions offered that are especially designed to the best for each customer needs.


providing appropriate materials and equipment from various suppliers of local and global brands that best suits each customer’s utilization purpose and under the required budget.


providing professional installation service, including required rectifications until perfection by valuing customer satisfaction as top priority.


providing advice and work planning service to offer customers the best of solution.


design and create the complete system.


providing prompt after-sale maintenance service.

Look Beyond

IACG Co., Ltd. is determined to uplift its business to international level in order to provide a One-Stop Service for the upcoming ASEAN Community for customers of all levels.




Throughout its course of business, IACG Co., Ltd. have selected and trained quality personnel to become a part of its working team as well as encouraging them to adopt the idea of Service Mind. This creates a team of professional employees which has become the heart of the Company in providing the services of consultation, system planning, and procurement of technology. In order to be appropriately applied with each type of industrial system, including installation service, program development with customers as well as complete after-sale service based on genuineness in providing the best solution for customers to achieve highest level of satisfaction.

business focus

IACG has expanded its business to serve more various customers and build its reputation for fullling its commitment to provide the comprehensive service to the business eld of Civil, Mechanic and Electrical & Control System, Security & Communication and Software Solution, Renewable Power:
Civil & Construction
IACG offers a full range of construction services in Thailand. The most of construction works have largely been carried out are renewable power plant and a general industrial factory. Construction teams are innovative and resolving the difficulties encountered at various jobsites. The construction group maintains high quality by adhering to strict construction procedures and employing the most up-to-date techniques.
Progress control is carefully monitored to ensure that the progress achieve master schedule. By assembling our construction teams during the early stage of project execution, the design group can integrate its design a full range of value engineering while at the same time the construction group becomes familiar with the design, enabling it to plan its eorts in advance. At the end, both IACG and client can save time and reduce cost of the project. Major activities of the construction team are as follows: