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Power Plant

Power Plant


The technology platform has been engineered to heat organic matter in a vessel, which is designed to provide an oxygen free environment whilst allowing continuous processing. The organics held under these conditions do not have the oxygen required to combust, instead they undergo pyrolysis reactions. The decomposition of the organics at temperature leads to the liberation of a combus n. The process also yields a solid product, called biochar. The biochar is a concentrated carbon product which is chemically very stable due to its aromatic structure

The technology is capable of processing feed streams with a large range of particle size distributions (from dust up to 40 mm) and moisture contents (from bone dry to 70%). Contaminants in the feedstock, such as metals and glass, which often prevent the beneficial use of the organic materials, if within size specification can pass through the process and are comparatively easy to separate from the friable biochar product. Organics feedstocks are often contaminated with film plastics, which make them difficult to market. The pyrolysis process is well suited to processing organics with these contaminants, as they have high energy densities which are converted to syngas, offering a true alternative to landfill for these materials

PTT Exploration and Production

  • Turbine Metering
  • ARTHIT ll-B Well Head Platform
  • NORTH ARTHIT Well Head Platform
  • Turbine Metering II
  • BONGKOI Metering Gateway
  • etc.

Pearl Oll

  • Well Head Platform - Jusmin A
  • Well Head Platform - Jusmin B
  • Well Head Platform - Jusmin C
  • Well Head Platform - Jusmin D
  • Well Head Platform - Banyan A
  • FPSO SCADA System

Chevron Offshore Thailand Limited

  • ST3 Well Head Platform
  • ST4 Well Head Platform

Chevron Exploration and Production

  • SATUN Water Injection System
  • Well Head Air Compressor System Revamp


    • Metering Skid for Pipeline Distribution to PPCL#2 Project
    • Metering Skid for Pipeline Distribution to Phase #2 to MSCC
    • Metering Skid for Pipeline Distribution to Vencorex Project

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