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Combustion Solution



IACG Co.,Ltd. the authorized distributor of Eclipse, provides the best solution & technologies for efficient, reliable and safe combustion system for all industries.

Eclipse is recognized worldwide as a leading source of high performance combustion solutions for scores of diverse industries. Eclipse industrial process heating products and systems regularly exceed customer expectations for , performance, fuel efficiency, low emissions, reliability and safety

Ignition Components

  • Flame Rods
  • Spark Plugs /Ignition
  • Flame Safeguard / Burner Controller
  • UV Scanners
  • Pressure SwitchesPressure Switches
  • Ignition Transformer

Process Measurement & Control

  • Pressure Gauge
  • Gas Flow Meter
  • Gas Analyer
  • Manometer
  • Actuator

Product Support Programs and Services

  • Commissioning/Start-up
  • Repair Service & Tuning
  • Telephone Support
  • Spare Parts
  • Safety Audits
  • Energy Efficiency Audits
  • Training